BlueThink can boast a multidisciplinary team of engineers combining
creative problem solving attitude with engineering rigour to turn
breakthrough ideas into accurate projects. The experience in design
and virtual validation and the ability to create ad hoc numerical
models, allow us to be effective even in radical innovation projects.

Lab Prototyping

Our two laboratories are multifunctional spaces set up and
re-equipped for every project. Each one is provided with the
instruments for prototyping and testing of electronic devices.
A further section is dedicated to materials prototyping and is
furnished with precision instruments and additive manufacturing
devices. Our labs are general purpose while each of our 300 solvers
has very specific facilities. This combination allows us to be
successful in the most ambitious projects.


Our facilities and technical pools are set for virtual validation, design
of experiments and reliability analysis activities, besides being fully
equipped for material, mechanical and electronic testing.
To bring our testing expertise to the core activity of our clients, we
also design and set up automatic test systems for electronic boards verification.